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Gas Explosion Levels Home in Texas

Gas Explosion Levels Home in Texas: Dobbin, Texas Gas Explosion Injures 3

The Houston Chronicle is reporting that a gas explosion inside a home in the town of Dobbin scattered debris for nearly a half mile and left three people seriously injured on the morning of June 12.

Among the injured were a little boy who was only eight months old, who suffered burns to more than 50 percent of his body, as well as severe head trauma. He was flown to UTMB-Galveston for treatment, but because of his age, the hospital would not discuss his condition. The boy’s grandmother and great aunt were flown by helicopter to Memorial Hermann Hospital, where they were in critical condition in the hospital’s burn unit.

According to a preliminary investigation by officials with the Montgomery County Fire Marshal’s Office, the explosion was probably fueled by liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), and that the explosion may have been caused by a buildup of gas inside the home. According to family members, one of the women who were burned may have been turning on the stove when the explosion occurred.

Witnesses reported feeling the impact of the blast from as much as a mile away. The owner of a small grocery store close by reported that the explosion took out several windows and blew groceries off shelves.  A number of the family’s neighbors helped Department of Public Safety officers and firefighters to rescue the victims.

The Montgomery County Fire Marshal stresses that the potential causes are just possibilities, and that a thorough investigation must be conducted to determine the exact cause. They will be conducting that investigation along with the Texas Railroad Commission, which happens to be the state agency with the responsibility of regulating LPG.

There are many possible causes for this explosion, and it’s entirely possible a defect in some of the gas appliances in the home were a contributing factor. No one knows, until all aspects of this explosion are analyzed. Once that happens, those who were injured in this tragedy may be entitled to adequate compensation for their injuries.

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