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Gas Containers Are Explosion Risk

Very few people understand the danger that may be currently in the corner of their garages.  The red plastic gas container is something found in many people’s homes, garages or sheds.  These gas cans are sold cheaply at major retailers across the nation.

What people do not know is that these gas containers can explode if the gasoline vapors reach a heat source.  Heat sources that have caused gasoline containers to explode include, water heater pilot lights, camp fires, the heat coming from a lawnmower engine, and others. People also likely do not know that the gas can manufacturers could prevent this risk with a simple fix.  In an attempt to save around $0.25, many gasoline container manufacturers have chosen not to include flame arresters in their gas can design which prevent explosions.

According to Glen Stevick, an expert in gasoline container flame arresters, “A flame arrester works by removing heat from a flame and keeping the temperature of the fuel on the other side of the arrester below its ignition point. The flame arrester mesh breaks the flame into many flamelets, and the heat of these flamelets is transferred to the walls of the mesh.”

Flame arrester technology has been around for over 100 years and is not expensive.  A simple mesh screen in the spout of a gasoline container has proven to prevent explosions.  The Portable Gas Container Explosion Injury Attorney at Hill Law Firm is experienced in handling gas can explosion cases.  If you need to discuss a potential case regarding an exploding gasoline container, please contact us today.  It is extremely important to act quickly if you have been the victim of a defective gas can fire.  Evidence in a fire scene disappears quickly and is critical to proving your potential claim.


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