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Galveston Toddler Burned by Gas Can Explosion

Galveston Toddler Burned by Gas Can Explosion: Industry Has Known of Risks for Years

A toddler is recovering at Shriner’s hospital in Galveston after being badly burned by a gasoline explosion.  Initial reports indicate that a child struck a match or a lighter and that it ignited gasoline vapors coming out of a nearby gasoline container.  The ensuing flash fire, and likely explosion, seriously burned this young Galveston child.  This story is all too common and is a stark reminder about the dangers of unreasonably defective and dangerous gasoline containers that can explode causing serious injuries and even death.

Many gas container manufacturers take safety very seriously and attempt to make gas cans that are safe and guarded against known dangers.  One known danger in the gasoline container industry is the risk of flashback fires.  A flashback fire typically results from vapors escaping a gas can, coming into contact with an ignition source which then causes the fire to travel back to the container and the whole gas container can explode.  Many instances of flashback fires in the gasoline container context have involved gasoline containers stored in the garage by water heaters.  Sometimes, the vapors can escape and if there is an open pilot light water heater, this pilot light can ignite the vapors causing a fire.

There are, unfortunately, some gasoline containers manufactured and on the market that do not include a flashback flame arrestor.  This cheap, well-known, and available device is used in many gasoline containers to prevent a flashback fire.  The technology works and is used in all sorts of industries.  Some manufacturers, in an attempt to save money, choose to not include flame arrestors in gas cans and over the past 20 years, many people, mostly children, have suffered serious injuries and burns that could have been prevented by the addition of a flame arrestor.

If you have been a victim of an exploding gas can, or your family has, it may be that your gasoline container did not include this very critical piece of safety equipment.  The Texas Gas Can Fire Injury Lawyer at Hill Law Firm has represented many victims of these defective and dangerous products.  If you have questions about gas can fires, call Hill Law Firm today for a free consultation.

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