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Drunk Driving Wreck in San Antonio

Drunk Driving Wreck in San Antonio: 1 Killed 2 Injured

San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, McAllen, Brownsville, Laredo, El Paso, and many other Texas communities have very serious problems with drunk driving.  In fact, some of the worst drunk driving areas in the United States are in Texas–San Antonio are typically in the top 5 worst in the nation.  There are many reasons that these communities have such significant problems.  A combination of geography, culture, lack of mass transit, and a few others combine to create a deadly problem.

According to recent news reports, another life has been lost to a drunk driving wreck in San Antonio.  According to the San Antonio Express, a drunk driver lost control of his vehicle and hit a tree killing one passenger and injuring two others.  The driver is being held in county jail with bail set at $90,000.  This is just one of many tragic drunk driving accidents to happen in San Antonio, Texas this year.

This weekend, South Texas MADD is holding their yearly Walk Like MADD.  This Walk is a fundraiser for MADD and an attempt to raise awareness about the drunk driving problem in South Texas.  Hill Law Firm is a proud sponsor of this walk.  If you live in San Antonio, considering coming out to the Walk Like MADD this weekend.

The San Antonio Drunk Driving Lawyer at Hill Law Firm has represented many victims of drunk driving.  If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a drunk driving accident, and want to know what your legal rights are, call Hill Law Firm today for a free legal consultation.

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