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Distracted Driving in 2012 Report

Distracted Driving in 2012 Report by Texas Texting and Driving Injury Lawyers Hill Law Firm

Everyone hears about the dangers of Texting and Driving Accidents.  Television, Radio, and Internet advertisements constantly remind drivers to wait until we’ve stopped our cars to either read or respond to a text message. Anyone who has ever driven on the highways and byways of Texas or the rest of the country has either experienced the dangers of distracted drivers or seen the effects of distracted driving, even if they haven’t been guilty of distracted driving themselves.

A number of websites chronicle many of the most of ridiculous forms of distracted driving people see at times. Among these include police officers texting while driving, motorcyclists texting while speeding down the highway, and many other examples of extreme distraction that are just slightly less absurd.  Recently, the Automobile Association of America (AAA) issued a report entitled “Distracted and Risk Prone Drivers,” which includes a data analysis of the latest distracted driving information contained in the 2012 Traffic Safety Culture Index.

The report noted some rather interesting facts that every driver should consider when heading out on the road:

  • Most drivers consider distracted driving to be a very serious area of risk and concern;
  • About two out of every three drivers consider other drivers talking on their hand held wireless phones creates a significant safety risk;
  • More than 94% of drivers believe that texting or sending an email while driving creates a very serious safety risk; and
  • More than 90% of all agree with the notion that the distracted driving problem is getting worse every year.

These statistics illuminate the difficulty of convincing the public of the dangers of distracted driving.  Unfortunately, it may take many more accidents, injuries, and tragedy before the public demands change.  If you have been injured by a texting or distracted driver, contact the Texting and Driving Accident Injury Lawyers at Hill Law Firm today.


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