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Dayton Boy Burned by Gas Can Explosion

Dayton Boy Burned by Gas Can Explosion: Likely Another Example of Injuries Caused by Gas Can Makers Putting Profits Over People

Too few people understand the true dangers of gasoline containers.  While everyone understands that gasoline is highly flammable and can be combustible, very few understand that the majority of gasoline containers on the market lack very simple safety devices that have been around for decades.  Flame arrestors and spill proofing/child proofing devices have excluded from the majority of gasoline containers on the market creating unnecessary hazards.  The problem is so extreme that some of the largest gasoline manufacturers in the United States cannot even place their own gas cans for use in their own factories due to OSHA regulations.  The lack of these simple and cheap safety devices has created a hidden danger for almost everyone that owns gasoline containers.

A recent accident in Dayton, Texas appears to be yet another example of this danger.  The Houston Chronicle reports that a 12 year old boy accidentally burned himself with gasoline while trying to burn ant colonies at his house.  The boy, allegedly, was pouring gas directly onto the ant hills before setting them on fire.  The flame from one of the anthill fires ignited flames in a nearby gas can causing the can to explode.  The explosion caused the boy to be covered by flaming gasoline.  The boy suffered burns over 80% of his body.

This tragic factual scenario could likely have been entirely prevented if the gasoline container manufacturers focused on putting flame arrestors and child proof spouts on all gasoline containers.  Unfortunately, the gas can makers have chosen to create unsafe products instead of including simple fixes that cost less than one dollar.

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