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Cyclospora Outbreak News

Cyclospora Outbreak News: Numbers Continue to Climb

The current cyclospora outbreak continues to take its toll, and the number of cyclospora infections (cyclosporiasis) continues to mount. According to the latest update from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it is already the fourth-largest food poisoning outbreak since 2008. And it continues to grow.

The outbreak started in June 2013, after doctors in Iowa and Nebraska reported a higher-than-usual number of cyclosporiasis cases. Most previous cyclosporiasis cases in the U.S. were associated with international travel, so when the Iowa Department of Health notified the CDC on June 28 of two cases in which residents of that state were confirmed to have cyclosporiasis, and had not traveled outside the country within 14 days of the onset of symptoms, there was concern.

Since then, the outbreak has continued to grow. To date, 642 cases of cyclospora infection have been confirmed by the CDC over 25 states, including Texas. Health officials in Iowa and Nebraska have traced the possible source of their cyclospora infections to contaminated salad mix from Taylor Farms of Mexico that was served in Red Lobster and Olive Garden and Red Lobster restaurants. Unfortunately, CDC investigators have said that it does not appear that the same salad mix is responsible   for the other 400 cases they’ve confirmed in the other 23 states.

Cyclospora is a parasite that is somewhat rare in the United States, and is most often found in tropical regions, which makes this foodborne illness outbreak so unusual. Someone who contracts a cyclospora infection can expect at least some gastrointestinal illness, and they can expect it to hang on a while. Often, infection can lead to severe diarrhea, which can often persist for eight weeks or more. In some cases, that can lead to other illnesses and possibly death.

If you feel sick, and you have suspect it may have been a bagged salad or a salad you ate at a restaurant recently, please see a doctor immediately. If you have been diagnosed with a foodborne illness as a result, call the Texas Food Poisoning Lawyers at Hill Law Firm today.  It is important to act quickly to both preserve evidence and to notify state health officials and the CDC, in order to prevent others from getting sick.

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