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Chemical Exposure Dangers

Chemical Exposure Dangers:  Workers Suffer Long-Term Health Effects of Dangerous Chemicals

Every day, thousands of workers across Texas and all over the country handle hazardous chemicals that could end up causing them serious health problems later. One such chemical is n-propyl bromide, or nPB. The chemical is used as a glue in thousands of products we use every day, like furniture cushions. It’s also used in dry cleaning, auto painting and electronics manufacturing.

Just about everyone familiar with the chemical has warned about the danger of long-term exposure, including government and medical researchers and even a few chemical companies who used to manufacture it but stopped because it was too dangerous. The long term health effects to humans when inhaled over long periods include infertility, nervous system damage and brain damage.

Yet, every day, it’s estimated that tens of thousands of workers inhale this chemical in the course of their job, thus putting themselves at high risk in the process. Over the past six years, the use of nPB has increased by a factor of 15, and it’s likely that will continue. Companies like the chemical because it’s cheaper to use and dries faster than safer, water-based glues. Unfortunately, there are precious few regulations to stop them, even as their workers keep breathing it and becoming sick, crippled or even dying because of it.

Unfortunately, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the agency charged with keeping workers safe, is ill-equipped to prevent much of it, because its mission, for better or worse, has been to focus on the now, and not so much on long-term health problems posed by chemical exposure. That leaves companies on their own, and they’ll usually choose the least expensive option.

Constant and long-term exposure to harmful chemicals can often lead to disability, and lingering health effects that require many years of treatment and therapy. Often, as is the case with nPB, such exposure occurs because the owners of the company put profits ahead of employee safety.

The Texas Worksite Injury Lawyer at Hill Law Firm has represented many people who have suffered the debilitating health effects of exposure to dangerous chemicals on the job. If you or your loved one is suffered an injury or has died as a result of long-term exposure to dangerous chemicals as part of their job, call the Texas Industrial Chemical Exposure Injury Attorney at Hill Law Firm for a free consultation.


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