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18-Wheeler Safety Inspection

18-Wheeler Safety Inspection: DPS is Stepping Up Inspections of Big Rigs and Buses

Accidents involving 18-wheelers and buses often have very tragic consequences.  Considering the size, speed, and cargo of these vehicles, accidents involving large commercial motor vehicles and buses involve forces that oftentimes lead others involved in these accidents to be seriously injured or killed.  The causes of accidents involving 18-wheelers and buses vary.  Some of the largest causes of accidents involving 18-wheelers and buses include vehicle maintenance, driver error, and failure to follow government regulations. The Texas Trucking Accident Lawyers are all too familiar with these risks and

In an effort to increase safety regarding buses and 18-wheelers, the Texas Department of Public Safety has announced their plans for Roadcheck 2013.  The goal of Roadcheck 2013 is to increase road safety by increasing inspections of buses and commercial motor vehicles.  Specifically, the DPS plans to inspect 18-wheeler big rigs and motorcoach buses for violations of brake maintenance standards, tire tread, tire pressure, tire location, lights and loading at checkpoints and roadway locations. Along with the checks regarding the condition of the vehicles, the DPS troopers will also check driver’s licenses, permits, and log books.

The Texas Trucking Accident Lawyers at Hill Law Firm have handled trucking and bus accident cases against some of the largest companies in the United States.  Issues such as old tires, improperly placed tires, improperly fit tires, overloaded tires, bad brakes, faulty lights, and other maintenance problems have caused many wrecks and injuries around the state of Texas.  These problems are easily avoidable by safe practices by companies that own and maintain tractor-trailer combination vehicles and buses.

Further driver error, driver fatigue, distracted driving, and other issues related to the drivers themselves cause many accidents as well.  Government regulations are in place to ensure safety of passengers on buses, other vehicles on the road, and the truck drivers themselves.  If these regulations are not followed, like hours of service limitations, people can be injured or killed.  The DPS’s Roadcheck 2013 is good news for the motoring public as it will attempt to crack down on commercial vehicles that fail to follow government laws and regulations.  If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a bus or truck accident, call the Texas Bus Accident Injury Lawyers at Hill Law Firm today.

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