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15 Passenger Van Safety Tips

15 Passenger Van Safety Tips by Vehicle Defect Injury Lawyer Hill Law Firm

In the past 15 years, there have been many accidents involving 15 passenger vans rolling over with tragic consequences.  For a variety of reasons, safety advocates have alleged for years that 15 passenger vans are not designed in a way to protect passengers in a foreseeable accident scenario.  Government agencies have taken notice and confirmed these concerns through a variety of tests and studies.  Recently, NHTSA issued a series of safety recommendations for those traveling by 15 passenger vans.  NHTSA suggests:

  • Never overload the vehicle.
  • If you are a passenger, make sure you buckle up for every trip.
  • If you are an owner, make sure the vehicle is regularly maintained.
  • Owners should have suspension and steering components inspected according to the manufacturer’s recommended schedule and replace or repair these parts as necessary.
  • Owners should ensure that vehicles are equipped with properly sized and load-rated tires.
  • Owners should also make sure drivers are properly licensed and experienced in operating a 15-passenger van.
  • Before every trip, drivers should check the tires for proper inflation, and make sure there are no signs of wear or damage. Correct tire size and inflation pressure information can be found in the owner’s manual and on the door pillar.

When traveling in a 15 passenger van, it is crucial to observe all safety recommendations listed above.  The dangers of 15 passenger vans are well documented.  To avoid being another statistic, if you must use a 15 passenger van, be as safe as possible.  If you have been a victim of a 15 Passenger Van Rollover Defect, call the Automotive Defect and Rollover Lawyer at Hill Law Firm today.


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