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Burn injuries can be devastating, often resulting in severe physical and emotional trauma for victims. When burns occur due to someone else’s careless or negligent actions, the victim may be entitled to financial compensation under Texas’s personal injury laws. The attorneys at Hill Law Firm can help you understand the legal aspects of your case and seek justice for your burn injuries. Contact us today for a free burn injury case evaluation in Laredo.

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Benefits of Hiring a Burn Injury Lawyer
Process of a Burn Injury Lawsuit
Potential Compensation Available in a Burn Injury Lawsuit
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Laredo Burn Injury Attorney

Why Choose Our Laredo Burn Injury Attorney?

  • Our Laredo personal injury law firm has a 99 percent case success rate.
  • We have recovered millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts for past clients.
  • Attorney Justin Hill has won numerous legal awards throughout his career.
  • Your case will receive personalized attention from an attorney, not an assistant or paralegal.
  • We operate on a contingency fee basis, meaning no fees unless you win.

Benefits of Hiring a Burn Injury Lawyer in Laredo

When you file an insurance claim, you may not realize that the insurance company’s main goal is to save as much money on your payout as possible. With severe burn injuries, the amount offered in an initial settlement may not equate to the true value of your case. A burn injury attorney in Laredo can help you seek the compensation that you deserve.

A lawyer has extensive legal knowledge, resources and experience with burn injury cases to serve your best interests during settlement negotiations. A law firm can investigate the burn injury incident, collect evidence of negligence, identify liable parties and take over a legal claim on your behalf. If necessary, an attorney also has the ability to represent you at trial.

The Process of a Laredo Burn Injury Lawsuit

Filing a burn injury claim in Laredo could lead to financial compensation for you and your family for the losses that you suffered due to someone else’s negligence or failure to exercise reasonable care. It allows you to hold one or more parties accountable for their part in causing your burn injuries.

A burn injury case seeks to identify the cause of the accident and determine liable (at-fault) parties, such as a careless property owner or the manufacturer of a defective product. This party becomes the defendant in a burn injury case. The defendant has the chance to respond to the complaint and either accept or deny responsibility.

If a claim is accepted by the defendant’s insurance company, the insurer will offer a settlement, or an amount of money to resolve the legal dispute outside of court. The injured victim’s attorney may be able to negotiate for a higher amount, depending on the circumstances. The majority of personal injury cases in Texas reach settlements and do not go to trial.

Settlements are preferred by insurers since they are faster, simpler and (typically) cheaper. If, however, an insurance company refuses to accept liability for a burn injury or does not offer a fair settlement value, your lawyer can take your case to court to pursue just results. A burn injury trial will involve presenting evidence to a judge or jury.

Potential Compensation Available in a Laredo Burn Injury Lawsuit

A successful settlement or judgment award for a burn injury case can help a victim achieve greater financial stability and peace of mind. The compensation obtained can allow a victim to pay for necessary medical care, including ongoing treatments or anticipated future care. A monetary award granted to a burn injury survivor may cover various economic and noneconomic damages.

Examples include:

  • Medical bills: emergency care, hospital bills, surgeries, skin grafts, prescription medications, medical devices, visits with specialists and other health care expenses.
  • Lost wages: replacement wages from income lost while the victim is in recovery or – in the case of a long-term or permanent disability – lost future capacity to earn.
  • Disability: costs associated with a permanent injury, such as disability accommodations, home or vehicle modifications, lost wages, lost independence, and lost enjoyment of life.
  • Pain and suffering: physical pain, emotional distress, scarring, disfigurement, lost quality of life, psychological trauma and other intangible effects of a burn injury.
  • Death benefits: funeral and burial costs, loss of consortium, lost inheritance, and other losses associated with a wrongful death lawsuit in Laredo due to fatal burn injuries.

Every case is unique. A fair case value for one burn injury survivor may not accurately represent how much your specific case is worth. Case values rely on a variety of factors, such as the severity of the burns, the victim’s prognosis, any permanent disability or disfigurement, and the insurance coverage available. Discuss how much your burn injury case might be worth with our lawyers for more information.

What Are the Different Levels of Burn Injuries?

Burn injuries damage different levels of the skin and underlying tissues depending on the severity of the injury. Physicians classify burn injuries into three degrees or stages:

  1. First-degree burns: the least severe level of burn injury. It affects only the top layer of skin (the epidermis) and does not cause blistering.
  2. Second-degree burns: a moderate burn injury that affects multiple layers of skin (the epidermis and dermis) and may result in blisters or an open wound.
  3. Third-degree burns: the most severe level of burn injury. It can affect all layers of skin as well as the deeper muscle, fat tissues and even bone.

Third-degree burns are considered an emergency, but victims should seek professional medical care for any burn that creates blisters, has a risk of infection, or covers a large or sensitive area of the body.

Recovering From a Burn Injury

Most burn injury survivors can heal from first-degree burns with little to no medical care. A second-degree or third-degree burn, however, could cause complications such as scar tissue, tightening of the skin, infection, dehydration, shock, organ failure and nerve damage. In the most severe cases, burn injuries may require amputations or result in the death of the victim.

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