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Tour Helicopter Accidents

Whether you’re checking out a city, a national park or a popular tourist attraction, a helicopter can often provide the ultimate sightseeing tour experience. Helicopter tours offer a view of an area or attraction that is unique, and they are highly maneuverable around various types of terrain and urban areas allowing them to go places regular aircraft cannot. They can also take off and land on the tops of buildings and relatively narrow spaces.

Because helicopters are very complex machines with great maneuverability, a number of things can go wrong, to the point that a variety of errors can turn a fun sightseeing tour into a serious catastrophic event. Among the possible problems that can lead to crashes include: poor aircraft design, manufacturer defects, pilot error, maintenance failure, air traffic control error, helipad operator negligence, obstructions, or poor weather conditions.

As is the case with all types of helicopters, tour helicopters are required to follow Federal Aviation Administration standards, as set out in Federal Aviation Regulations. These regulations require that companies and organizations that fly tour helicopters maintain high standards for pilot training, pilot hiring, helicopter maintenance, and general safety. Unfortunately, sometimes these standards are not met by those who operate these machines.

Because of the number of possible factors in any tour helicopter crash, in order to effectively prove the cause of a tour helicopter accident, a thorough investigation by experienced aviation experts will be required. Regardless of the cause of the accident, helicopters don’t crash unless something goes terribly wrong, and that usually means someone either did something they shouldn’t, or failed to do something they should. And in many cases, the victims of such an accident may be entitled to compensation.

If someone you know was injured or killed as the result of an accident involving a tour helicopter, encourage them to immediately contact the San Antonio aviation accident lawyers at Hill Law Firm for a free legal consultation in our Houston or San Antonio offices. It is extremely important to do this quickly to ensure that a thorough investigation is conducted, evidence is preserved, statements are taken, and the rights of all claimants are protected.