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Delta Airlines Crashes

For a growing number of Texans, commercial air travel has become an important part of their lives and business. Nearly one-third of the approximately 87,000 flights in domestic skies at any one time belong to one of the major commercial carriers. While commercial aircraft accidents are extremely rare events, when accidents do happen, the scope of the tragedy can be devastating to a large number of victims and their families.

Often, these crashes result in serious injury or death to a large number of people, and in almost ever aviation disaster, the accident was avoidable, and occurred due to factors such as pilot error, design flaws and structural defects, maintenance deficiencies, air traffic control errors, weather and a number of other possible factors. In this case, the victims and their families will need the help of an experienced aviation accident attorney like Justin Hill.

One of the largest air carriers is Delta Airlines, which conducts major operations in nearly every region of the world and operates and maintains a fleet of more than 770 aircraft. In all, Delta and its SkyTeam partners make approximately 13,000 flights every day.

According to the FAA, Delta has reportedly been involved in 12 accidents since 1947, resulting in 303 deaths, although there have only been two fatal accidents involving Delta over the past 25 years:

  • July 6, 1996 – Flight 1288 – Pensacola, Florida, An engine failed and resulted in engine debris piercing the cabin. Two passengers died and two seriously injured; and
  • August 31, 1988 – Flight 1144 – Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas – crashed after takeoff, due to improperly configured wing flaps and slats. Twelve passengers and two crew members were killed.

Determining the cause or causes of a commercial plane crash can be very difficult prospect, but there is usually an answer to be found. While the potential causes for crashes will vary, the factors usually fall under one or more of the following; whether all pilots were properly certified and operating the aircraft properly; aircraft maintenance; design flaws and mechanical defects; air traffic control errors; and weather and terrain.

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