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Tire Failure Causes Texas Van Rollover

Tire Failure Causes Texas Van Rollover

Last week, an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) van was in the process of transporting eight undocumented Honduran immigrants from the Port Isabel Detention Center to the Coastal Bend Detention Center, which is located near the Corpus Christi International Airport, from which they were scheduled to be processed for deportation and flown back to Honduras.

Unfortunately, as they were traveling along a South Texas highway, the left rear tire of the van blew out, causing it to slide off the highway and across a ditch. The van then rolled over several times in a muddy field. According to first responders, two of the immigrants were ejected and ended up in the hospital in critical condition. The other six immigrants and two ICE officers were also injured in the crash, and were transported to the hospital in serious but stable condition.

A thorough investigation is being conducted by the Texas Department of Public Safety, and they will look at a large number of factors as possible causes for this accident. One possible factor could be the summer heat, which can make vehicle maintenance difficult, especially when it comes to tires.  Another factor can be the skill of the driver. When a tire blows out, there is sometimes a natural tendency to try to regain control of the vehicle, which can sometimes lead to overcorrection, which is the most common reason why vehicles such as trucks, SUVs and vans become imbalanced and roll over.

Even with the possibility of driver overreaction and overcorrection, however, vehicles usually come equipped with safety equipment designed to protect passengers serious injuries associated with rollover accidents, including seatbelts, glass and roof supports. The investigation will determine if any of these systems failed in the crash. Failure of these systems can often lead to ejection, which happened to two passengers in this accident, as well as brain and spinal injuries, or even death.

It’s possible the tire was part of a recall because of a defect, or that proper safety inspections and routine maintenance were not conducted on the van, all of which may have prevented the blowout itself. The number one cause of workplace fatalities is motor vehicle accidents, and too often, they are caused by negligence on the part of the organization responsible for maintenance.

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