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Pedestrian Accident Kills Child

Pedestrian Accident Kills Child

Traffic accidents can happen at any time, and they can effect anyone. A case in point is an accident that occurred this past week, a 28-year-old father, Daniel Bingenheimer, was waiting to cross a busy Arlington, Texas street with his 7-month-old baby, David, in a stroller, when a red Toyota pickup truck crashed into a white Chrysler sedan as it was trying to make a left-hand turn. The resultant impact took the life of the baby, and injured the father.

The crash, which occurred on May 29, sent the pickup careening toward the father and son. The truck jumped the curb and hit both, injuring the father and crushing the son and his stroller on impact. The little boy was pronounced dead at the scene.

Several witnesses described hearing the loud crash of the two cars, and reported seeing a mangled stroller in the middle of the road, with the father crying over the body of his baby boy. At one point, he picked up the child and walked toward the scene of the accident, screaming, “Look at what you’ve done!” at the pickup’s driver. At the same time, the driver of the pickup was apparently screaming, “She hit me. She hit me!”

Bingenheimer and the woman driving the Chrysler sedan were taken to the Medical Center of Arlington soon after the accident. There, they were treated for minor injuries and released. Neither of the drivers was being identified by the police.

The Bingenheimer family deserves some answers for this horrible tragedy, and that means a very thorough and detailed investigation of every aspect of the accident will have to be conducted. Artlington Police are attempting to determine which of the two vehicles in the accident had the green light, of course, but many other factors will have to be examined, as well. Their investigation will have to look at a number of other things, including the mechanical condition of the two vehicles, the physical condition and skill levels of the two drivers, the condition of the roads and traffic lights at the intersection, the design of the sidewalks, and many other things. Even if neither driver is charged with a traffic offense, one or both drivers may be liable for this accident.

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