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Dust Explosion Risk Addressed

Dust Explosions Targeted by House Bill Grain dust, sugar dust, flower, and other type of dust are commonplace in many workplaces.  A lot of people look at a dusty workplace and see hard work, not a deadly workplace hazard which can take down the building they’re working in with just one explosion. In response to…

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Plant Explosions, Workplace Safety

Pizza Recall Due to Sharp Plastic

Pizza Recall Due to Sharp Plastic:  Company Issues Food Recall for Frozen Pizza When a consumer eats a frozen pizza, he or she shouldn’t have to worry about being presented with a choking hazard due to shards of plastic mixed in with the cheese and toppings. And yet, that is what some people may face…

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Food Poisoning

Rewards for Medicare Fraud Information

Rewards for Medicare Fraud Information:  HHS Proposes Larger Whistleblower Rewards for Medicare Fraud Based on a proposed rule by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), whistleblowers who assist in uncovering cases of Medicare fraud could soon see greater rewards than ever before. Up to a maximum of $9.9 million in some extreme cases,…

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Commercial Litigation, False Claims Act

Texas Worker Deaths on the Rise

In addition to the devastation to the town itself, the explosion at the West, Texas fertilizer plant has brought the issue of worker and worksite safety into the forefront of the public discussion.  Without serious regulations and oversight, employers have once again shown that they will take advantage of workers and will not focus on…

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Oil Field Accidents, Workplace Safety

All Methods of Texting and Driving Dangerous

All Methods of Texting and Driving Dangerous: Study Shows All Methods of Texting Dangerous It’s easy to see how typing out a text message on a cell phone while you’re actively driving a car down a highway can be dangerous. That’s why many of us have looked into alternatives, such as Siri’s speech-to-text technology, to…

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Auto Accidents, Drunk Driving Accidents

Teen Alcohol Use Remains a Danger

Teen Alcohol Use Remains a Danger: Parents Ignorant to Teen Drinking Realities It’s prom and graduation season here in Texas, which means a lot of teenagers will be celebrating their freedom. Some will just go to dinner, dance and go home, or hang out at a diner with friends. Unfortunately, many of them will celebrate…

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Drunk Driving Accidents

Irving, Texas Bus Accident Update

Cause of Bus Accident Still Unknown Officials at Parkland Hospital in Dallas have confirmed that another passenger, an 82-year-old woman who was on the charter bus full of seniors that crashed on the George Bush Highway in Irving on April 11, has died from injuries she sustained in that crash. That brings the death toll…

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Bus Accidents

Robosurgery Causing Deaths

Robosurgery Causing Deaths: Increased Use of Robotic Surgery Leading to Increase in Robotic Surgery Deaths Though it sounds like something out of Star Trek, the concept of robotic surgery, sometimes called “robosurgery,” is already here, and a number of hospitals and surgeons have taken to using it. And why not? With robotic surgery, instead of…

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Product Liability

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