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Oil Field Poison Gas Injures Worker

Oil Field Poison Gas Injures Worker by Texas Oil and Gas Injury Lawyer

If you have been around the drilling rigs in South and West Texas, you have noticed that some sites ensure that employees have working gas monitors and people on site to monitor the air for safety concerns.  Some employers take this very seriously.  Unfortunately, some  do not.  When a drilling site is not properly monitored for inhalation injury concerns, bad results can follow.

Recently, it was reported that an oilfield worker in Crane, Texas was critically injured by exposure to hydrogen sulfide and had to be airlifted to Midland Memorial Hospital.  According to the Crane County Sheriff’s Office, two other workers had to be hospitalized after they, too, were exposed to the poisonous gas, although they had been less seriously injured.

The workers suffered the hydrogen sulfide gas exposure at an Apache Corporation lease in Crane. Two of the workers, including the man who was critically injured, worked for Wink-based Garcia Well Servicing, while the third worked as a pumper for Apache Corporation.

Hydrogen sulfide, which is often referred to as “sewer gas,” is a colorless gas that smells like rotten eggs. The chemical is also highly poisonous, with a toxicity that is similar to cyanide. The poisoning usually caused by inhalation. The chemical is often found in petroleum and natural gas and is sometimes present in groundwater.

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) is conducting an investigation of the incident, although they are keeping quiet about specifics until the investigation is complete. OSHA has up to six months to investigate, during which time inspectors will try to figure out if the companies involved violated any of the agency’s standards. According to an online search, the agency looked into an unspecified incident involving Apache last year, but found no violations.

Considering the safety advances in air monitors and personal air monitors, this type of injury should not be happening.  However, as we see constantly, many Oil and Gas producers and service providers place speed and profits ahead of worker safety.  When that happens, people get injured.  If you have been injured or lost a loved one by an inhalation injury on an oil and gas drilling site, call the Oil and Gas Inhalation Injury Lawyer at Hill Law Firm today.


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