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Houston Construction Accident Kills One

Houston Construction Accident Kills One: Cause of Death was Fall

Houston news outlets are reporting that a construction worker at a construction site at 2929 Weslayan near West Alabama has died today after falling down an elevator shaft.  The accident is currently under investigation but reports indicate that some safety failure led to a construction worker dying.  Unfortunately, in Texas, construction related deaths such as this one have become commonplace leading Texas to top the list of deadliest states for workers.

The most commonly cited OSHA regulations are those related to fall protection.  On construction and industrial cites where people work high above the ground, and often in dangerous conditions such as wind or where there are few things keeping workers from falling, OSHA mandates the use of fall protections systems such as harnesses.  Unfortunately, on many work locations, OSHA regulations are ignored to increase the speed by which workers can complete their tasks.  Also, it is not uncommon for workers to be provided harnesses that are broken or do not fit the worker that needs to wear it.

There are many reasons why workers are injured or killed on the job in Texas.  Almost always, accidents and injuries on worksites can be prevented.  OSHA regulations provide a safety framework that should be followed by all companies and workers.  Many companies have their own internal safety policies created to decrease the risk of injuries in their specific industries.  When companies focus on safety and follow OSHA and internal regulations and policies, the risk of injury and death on a worksite are significantly decreased.  However, too often, companies ignore safety to increase speed.  When safety is not a focus, people are injured and killed.

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